No more drinking away...

Come to "DDI" today!

What is "DDI"?

"DDI" stands for "Don't Drink It". This is a club that has been started for people that have suffered from alcohol intoxication problems. This club is open to all and we will help conquer the need to drink away all your problems.

How do you know you are suffering from Alcohol Obsession?

When you are obsessed when alcohol you...

1. Drink heavily when you are depressed, angry or under pressure.

2. Handle more alcohol than you did when you first started drinking.

3. Feel uncomfortable when alcohol is not present.

4. Can't keep promises on trying to stop drinking.

5. Have a physician recommend you to stop drinking.

6. Stay drunk for several days at a time.

7. Have sudden panic attacks.

8. Continue drinking when your peers have said they are done.

9. Have financial, work, school, and/ or family problems due to drinking.

10. Feel guilty about your drinking habits.

Where do we meet?

We will be meeting at the church on 142 Orca St. in Indian Trail, NC. Every Wednesday night from 6:30 to 8:00 we will discuss helpful tips to discontinue your drinking. Everyone attending the meeting will share ideas they have tried and ideas will also be given to those who have attempted and failed to stop drinking. If you feel like you are becoming obsessed with alcohol or that you already are, our doors are always open.