September 2013

Welcome To Our Newest SC DEN STARS!

The newly UPDATED DEN Community Site:

Have you seen the UPDATED DEN Community website? This newly updated site makes it easier to connect to the valuable resources of the DEN. Visit today with a friend and show them what makes the DEN the best!

DEN VirtCon- Fall Virtual Conference

Saturday, Oct. 19th 2013 at 9am-4pm

This is an online event.

The DEN Fall Virtual Conference is a free professional development event for educators to learn about the most effective ways to integrate digital media into their instructional practices. It is unique because of its blended environment. The sessions will be broadcast online, but you can attend either from your own home or at a local face-to-face event in your area. Look soon for e-mails and information from your local DEN representatives on a VirtCon event in your area. By attending an event in your area, you get that buzz that can only be experienced by being face to face with others.

A Challenge for You!

The new school year has started and I bet you have already been on Discovery Education looking for some great resources to use with your lessons- haven't you? I bet your colleagues have, too. Now I challenge you to share with three or more of your NON-DEN STAR colleagues. Tell them the benefits of becoming a DEN STAR and share some resources, too! Don't forget to tell them about:

  • The personal communications and learning opportunities from DEN professionals.
  • Invitations and opportunities to DEN attend events.
  • Access to exclusive STAR contests and promotions.
  • Access to instructional resources by other DEN members.
  • STAR only professional development opportunities (such as the Summer Institute)

Hey, guess what? Now that you have shared you have already completed one of your two events required to keep your STAR status for this year! Make sure you click on the Discovery Education tab when you are logged in to report your event. This is one challenge that I know you can easily complete!


Did you know that DE offers virtual field trips? Once the live events are over, teachers and students can view the archived videos. Visit the animals of North America, tour Kenya, or meet the Google Doodlers...without leaving your classroom! Watch this space to learn more about upcoming events and click the link below to view the archives until live events are posted.

Are You Presenting?

Watch this space for information about some of the DEN's best and brightest ...STARs! We're putting together a directory of STARs presenting at conferences all over the US and Canada. If you plan on attending a conference, you won't want to miss all of the great resources and information from these sessions. Stay tuned!

Are you a STAR heading to present at a conference? Complete the form to have your name added to our directory.


Make sure you check out the DEN Blogs and other DE Social Media to keep up to date with everything DEN in-between our monthly publications!

Your SC DEN News!

This monthly publication comes to you from Jessica Donaldson and Karen Ogen, two of your Discovery Education Leadership Committee members, in an effort to keep our South Carolina Discovery STAR educators more up to date with what is happening with both the South Carolina DEN and the greater DEN community. If you have any events to report, questions about the DEN, or if you need to know anything about Discovery resources or how to get more involved with the SC DEN, please contact either of us or any of your SC DEN Leadership Team representatives listed below.

Your NEW 2013-2014 SC Leadership Team:

Andrea Baker, Events Team,

Suzanne Brooks, Events Team,

Amy Dent, Events Team,

Jessica Donaldson, Partner Ambassador Team,

Dawn Gardner, Events Team,

Karen Ogen, Events Team,

Robert Pettis, Events Team,

Norma Rockwell, DEN Connects,

Andrea Rollison, Events Team,

Kathy Seibert, Blog/Social Media,

Nancy Swanson, Events Team,

Jennifer Thornsberry, Blog/Social Media,