Christmas in Our Class!

Jesus is our Guiding Light!

Jesus is our Guiding Light!

November was a whirlwind in our home! We battled the first of the illness season with some gusto, but I think our immune systems our finally geared up for the winter! Phew! Unfortunately, we missed Breakfast with Santa this year due to illness, but I heard it was a huge hit! I hope you all stopped by and enjoyed it. It truly is a magical experience for the kiddos!

We had lots to be thankful for in our class in November. Every morning we spent a few minutes sharing something for which we were thankful! I probably know more about your home life than you would like now! ;) No judging! Promise! Truthfully, it was heart warming to hear about so many happy homes!

We started our Christmas month with the story of the night Jesus was born. We talked about how Jesus is our guiding light every day, just the way the Star of Bethlehem was on the night Jesus was born. It was incredibly sweet to watch them listen to this story while we made our stars for our board! We have been hard at work on several sweet memory gifts for you all this season! We are working on the letters K and L this month. We have practiced 9 and 10. We will be wrapping our blocks in wrapping paper all month long! We are painting with pine cones and have an extremely festive sensory bin. Have you all enjoyed all the glitter? Yes, that was intended for a project, but they got a little excited and I just couldn't help but let them dump it all in. We will use our sensory bin all month long to decorate our projects. Also, we will participate in a book exchange at our upcoming Christmas party!

Remember for December!

We will have our Christmas Party on December 15th at 1 pm. Please check the sign up links if you have not already! Also, please remember, everyone is always welcome, even if you are not enrolled on this day of the week. Please remember to stay with your student should you come up on a day that I do not have them on my roster.

Please check to ensure that the extra change of clothes in your student's backpack is weather appropriate and labeled.

Please send a jacket or coat with your student. If it is not raining, we are outside.

Book Exchange for Christmas Party: Please send a wrapped, age appropriate, gender neutral book by Monday, December 14th. I will gather all of the books and we will exchange them at random as a class. This was such a fun experience last year. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If your student will not be there, but you would still like them to participate, please send in your wrapped book and I will ensure they receive a different one in their cubby for when they return!