Mosaica Online Happenings

December 10-14 2012

Upcoming Dates to Remember

  • Tuesday, December 11th: Online Paragon Night @ 8:30pm Eastern
  • Thursday, December 20th: Parent Education Meeting @ 8:30pm Eastern
  • Friday, December 21st: Advisors meeting @ 2pm Eastern
  • **Beginning August 28th, all adjunct teachers must submit invoices to Brenda McCullers on the 14th and 28th of the month**

December Holiday Break across Mercury land!

Our different locations do have slight variations..... Please see below:

Arizona: December 24-January 1
California: December 24-January 4
December 20-January 1

American School of Puerto Vallarta December 20 - January 5

Mosaica International School in India - December 24 - January 5

Muskegon Heights - December 24 - January 1

Staff Spotlight - Kristy Weiner

Kristy shares....

I have taught in Florida for 10 years. I worked 8 of the 10 in Palm Beach County School District. I was lucky enough to serve many roles and gain a wide range of experience. I taught K-8 as a classroom teacher and Science Lab teacher. Three of the 10 years I spent as a TOA in the capacity of AP of my elementary school. I handled data analysis, learning team facilitating, test coordination, and ran the daily activities. I worked two years at Florida Atlantic University at their lab school as a MS and HS Science teacher. I became interested in online teaching from my friend Hadar who kept telling me how great Mosaica was and how rewarding the career is. I started off 2 years ago as an adjunct teacher and then this year was lucky enough to become a full time employee of Mosaica Online. I love it. It still allows for the interaction between teacher and student, to learn new things in the online world every day, and continue growing as a professional.

I have been with my husband for 12 years and married for 7.5. We have a 3 year old daughter Brenna and a little one on the way. Our new addition is set to arrive in June and we are excited. We are also moving to a new home in February so our lives will be crazy and busy for a while. I enjoy spending time with my family, going on vacations, and finding a little “me” time when I can. Our favorite place is Disney and we love to visit the princesses whenever we can.

Thank you Kristy for being such an integral part of the team!!!

Mercury Sunshine!

  • We are thinking of Barbara Abell as she recovers from cataract surgery.

Let me know of any concerns or celebrations within our Mercury family!

Club Corner

Art Club:
Art club has been busy practicing "one-point perspective studies." Students have been turning 2D shapes into 3D forms using this technical drawing method. Our final perspective drawing will be created next week, where students will design and draw their own one-point perspective city. Pictures to come!

K-2 Book Club:

We have a weekly book of the week! This week we are reading Gingerbread Man. Students are also working on a 100 book challenge.

Middle School Book Club:
The middle school is focusing on The Diary of Anne Frank. Anne’s first entry in her diary was June 12, 1942, when she was 13 years old. She called her diary Kitty. She talks about some of the restrictions on the Jews at that time, such as not being allowed to ride a bicycle, a bus, or drive a car. They could only shop in certain stores and had to be off the streets by 8:00 PM every night. They had to wear a yellow star on their clothes to show they were Jewish.

High School Book Club:
The high school book club is becoming enthralled by the novel Poison Study and its two main characters, Yelena and Valek. Our favorite quote for the week was when the Commander tells Valek to train a protégé and he replies, "But then I would not be indispensable." We got a chuckle from that.


Let's Continue Our Discussion on Love and Logic®....

Don't criticize yourself, get down, or lose hope. Instead, pat yourself on the back for doing everything within your power to help.

Love and Logic ® Teacher-isms by Jim Fay and Charles Fay

What Is Going On In Other Mercury Locations?

Besides our students in AZ, CA, and AZ we are serving students in the following locations:
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Muskegon Heights, Michigan

Hyderabad, India


You will receive updates here that will pertain to our students in any of these locations!

  • be sure to consult the various calendars in D2L for these locations
  • Teachers PLEASE be sure you are keeping your D2L grade book updated. Whenever a program needs grades for a progress report, we export the D2L grade book current average. Thank you!

Upcoming Holidays:

American School of Puerto Vallarta December 20 - January 5

Mosaica International School in India - December 24 - January 5

Muskegon Heights - December 24 - January 1

Data Discussion...

Scantron data is now available to you within Alpine Achievement. Simply log in to Alpine:
username: moe-firstinitiallastname
password: tryalpine

Then select Scantron Performance Series in the Data Warehouse. Follow the directions in the recording below, and enjoy your data dive!

Online Paragon Nights!

The next "live" regularly scheduled Online Paragon Night is set for .....

December 11th at 8:30pm (Eastern)

And last but not least..... Your joke of the week

Mom to Child: Hi honey, what did you learn in school today?

Child to Mom: Not enough, I have to go back tomorrow!