revolutionary war

the weapons used in the war.

the musket was the main weapon of the war

A musket is what the soldiers used mainly. It was a long gun fired from the shoulder with a bayonet attached on the end of it. They used them all the time even though they

very accurate.

what would happen if a musket misfired?

If it didn't fire like it was supposed too then their could be a delayed for a few seconds. If it didn't fire they would have to unload the gun clean it out and then try to fire it. that means it takes a while to be able to shoot.


cannons were a huge part of the war. they would fire balls of steel. they could take out tons of soldiers at a time and would destroy buildings and other defenses in minutes.

what would happen if a cannon misfired?

the cannon could be damaged or it could break and it could throw the cannonball miles away.