All About CofC Teaching Fellows

What Teaching Fellows can do for you and the campus!

Who are Teaching Fellows?

Teaching Fellows is an organization on campus that is based on the South Carolina Teaching Fellow scholarship given by CERRA. Each Fellow must apply their senior year of high school and participate in an extensive process consisting of an application, essay, and interview. Fellows selected into the Teaching Fellows program are awarded up to $6,000 dollars in scholarship money per year in exchange for teaching one year in a South Carolina Public School. There are 12 South Carolina Teaching Fellows Institutions and College of Charleston is one of them.

Teaching Fellows College of Charleston

Where can you find Teaching Fellows on campus!

We are located in the Teaching fellows Lounge, inside the School of Education, Health, and Human Performance in room 116. The lounge is our home away from the library where Fellows can come to print, study or just hang out! This past year, we also have been working extremely hard to get our name out there! We have created and updated a website, Facebook, Twitter and an Instagram page! Follow us to get updates on what we are doing throughout the year!

Contact Us

President- Grace Lee

Phone: (803)834-0089


Vice President- Lauren Putirka

Phone: 803-622-4421


Governance Council

One of the most important parts that makes Teaching Fellows at the College of Charleston run is our Governance Council. The members of Governance Council help run the weekly meetings and have separate meetings once a month to discuss how to better the program. The members include the President (Grace Lee), Vice President (Lauren Putirka), Secretary (Hayden Lamunion) and Treasurer (Manuela Chaverra). Along with these members we have Committee Chairs for our five committees and a Cohort Chair for each of the four cohorts.

The Committees

Greater Community- Michelle Jenkins

Objective: To partner with Burke High School to create an after school tutoring lab. The goal of Greater Community is to reach out to fellow Charleston members to help with education, advocacy, and mentoring.

Our Community- Kaeli Weeks

Obejective: To promote forming connections between fellows through the Mentor/Mentee program and large group events.

Recruitment- Jen Celia

Objective: Our goals this semester include starting Low Country Mock Interviews and to become better recruiters by spreading the word of Teaching Fellows to as many high schoolers as possible

Professional Development- Mary Raycroft

Objective: To promote professionalism throughout Teaching Fellows!

Communications- Briley Prince

Objetive: To spread the word about Teaching Fellows at the College of Charleston.

And the Newest Committee is the Mororgo Children's Fund- Jessica Wilkinson

Objective: To increase community awareness of our committee and to meet or exceed our fundraising goal for the year.

Service and Advocacy

A very important aspect to Teaching Fellows is Community Service. All Fellows are required to have 8 hours of volunteer service a semester. These education based hours are a great way for Fellows to be involved. Each semester, the Cohorts host one service event as a group to help achieve the service hours. Some service events in the past include Doughnut fundraisers for school supplies; reading to children at the Charleston library, and more.

This year, CofC Teaching Fellows has also implemented a required Advocacy project. The goal of the Advocacy projects are to teach Fellows how to Advocate for their future students as well as their position as teachers in the community. This year, the Fellows have hosted a Debate through the founding of SCEA. For more information on SCEA and advocacy you may contact Michelle Johnson.

Why We Love Teaching Fellows

Teaching Fellows provides a home away from home for all of our fellows. The weekly meetings, classes, and our wonderful lounge help to make us one large family. Here are some quotes from fellows on what Teaching Fellows provides for them:

“All my friends are teaching fellows”- Anon.

“Teaching Fellows gives me so many service opportunities that enrich my college career. And reinforce why I want a teaching career” Jessica Willkinson

“Teaching Fellows, a close net group of students all driven to achieve the same goals; to become the best teachers we can be, make a difference in the education community, and inspire our students to become the best citizens and people they can be” Mary Raycroft

Around the Campus

Our Fellows are Future Educators and Future Leaders. Not only do we participate in Teaching Fellows but Fellows are also a part of:

  • Greek Life
  • Peer Mentors
  • Residence Life
  • REACH Mentors
  • Center for Student Learning
  • Charleston 40
  • CisternYard Media

Congratulations Lauren Silver, Janice Garret, Emily Hoisington, and Morgan Jackson!

We would like to congratulate our very own Teaching Fellows, Lauren Silver,Janice Garret, Emily Hoisington, and Morgan Jackson for being selected into the 2015-2016 Teacher Leader cohort! We are so proud of each of you and your compliments!