North Americans

Benjamin Bowers

The Anasazi

The Anasazi are called ancient people.They lived in groups of houses that the Spanish later called pueblos. From 100 B.C to 1300 A.D, the Anasazi civilization grew is the dry lands of the American Southwest.

The Adena (collectively known as the Eastern Woodlands peoples)

-They live in the Ohio valley region around 700 BC.
-Grew squash, sunflowers, gourds, and barley.
-Produces exquisitive copper jewelry and fine pottery.
-Elaborate burial mounds made up of log structures covered by piles of earth.

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Even more about the Aztecs

Hopewell (collectively known as the Eastern woodlands peoples)

-Arrived in Ohio valley around 300 BC.
-Built mounds somewhere 40 feet high and 100 feet wide.
-Artifacts found suggest extensive trade network.
-Adena and Hopewell both referred to as "Mound Builders".

The Mississippians

-Arrived in Mississippi valley by 800 AD.
-Had plants that were used for many food and when added maize and beans had an increase in population.
-Increase in population caused a need for more land.
-More land resulted in numerous cities with up to 10,000 people- largest was Cahokia (located near present-day East St. Louis).
-In center of city Cahokia's was a massive mound approximately 100 feet high base of more than 14 acres (larger than Great Pyramid in Egypt)
-Surrounding this massive mound were 120 smaller mounds.