CSHS Weekly Bulletin

December 7-11, 2015

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End of Semester Reminders

  • Please do not send a student out of your classroom without a pass. Blue hall passes are available in the attendance office.
  • If you have holiday visitors, such as former students, they must check in as visitors in the front office. Since these visitors have not cleared the district's background checks for volunteers, they may only visit during your conference, lunch, etc. and should not be interacting with students during class time or allowed to move freely throughout the building.
  • Gradeproof clean-up will occur December 9th & 10th. Students should no longer have an "I" for the 1st or 2nd six weeks unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Fall Final Exemption Cards

Exam exemption cards will be available during all lunches every day this week and will close Tuesday, December 15. Please tell your students to take care of their outstanding debts, fines, textbooks, and other items in order to be cleared from the fine list.

Fall Semester Exam Schedule

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Please make sure you are showing the Daily Announcements each day during Advocate.
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Duty Schedule

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Walk Through Schedule

We will be suspending the remaining walk through schedule for this semester in order to conduct 45 minute PDAS evaluations.

Upcoming Events

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