philosophy of education

My attitude entering Sonoma Mountain was slightly negative at first, which changed after I had been here for a while. Before coming, I was very unmotivated because I didn't like the new setting, and being away from my friends. But still knowing that, it is really the best choice in order for me to earn my credits and graduate at the end of senior year. It was difficult for me to get use to the work system. Changes that I have made at Sonoma Mountain are the credits I have earned, I have gained most of the credits I was missing and I am more focused on setting my path for the future the way that I want it.

Education is a form of learning and knowledge. I believe that affective skills for school are Commitment, leadership, and responsibility. In school, education mostly includes what one needs to get a diploma and involves reading, writing, and language. Each year the amount of work and different things that sink into your brain increases. It's getting you ready for college and is helping you plan your future. It’s important for people to have an education. In America, everyone has the right to an education, whether it be at school, home school, or online school. I like the fact that everyone can get the support and help that they need in school. I disagree with the school budget, I feel like education should be unlimited and be no cost. My experience in school has both been positive and negative, since elementary school the work amount has increased, while everything has gotten harder.

My goals for after I graduate are to take classes .at the Junior College for a few semesters to see what I am interested in. Hopefully, I will be able to transfer to Sonoma State. I also hope to have a job by then. My education has prepared me for the future in many ways. I feel like no matter how hard it has been I could say i’m very thankful to be given the chance to have an education like this.

In conclusion I feel like education is very important for all children and even for adults to hold onto after high school and college. No matter how hard it is, it is there to help you.


What I enjoyed most in Ms. DeLeon’s class is the discussions we would have before class officially started. It is just a nice way to start off the day with whatever happened over the weekend or the day we don’t have Ms. D and Mr. Anderson.I mostly found the amount of work given to be a bit difficult to keep up with and turn in on time. You don’t need to change as a teacher, I like how you help your students and understand their questions on the assignment, and how we can have conversations together without it being teacher and student. What I can do differently as a student is try harder to get my work in on time and to stay a bit more on task.

A assignment that I enjoyed in class is the Ralph Cantor response that we did on March 1st. Mr Cantor came into Sonoma Mountain and talked about different drugs and the effects of them and the body. It was very interesting to hear about what he had to say and you can really tell that he had an interest on what he was presenting to us to. I worked a good amount on this assignment and I had to write 100 words or more about the guest speaker, answer if I liked his presentation and if he might have said anything that made you second guess and really think twice about our habits.

Another assignment that I enjoyed this year was the Erich Maria Remarque questions that we answered in March. Erich Remarque was a German novelist who wrote about the terror of war. He was drafted in the war at age 18 in 1916. After a year f fighting in the war he got injured and sent to a hospital, where he worked as a teacher and various other jobs. Most of the books he has written were on German lives and the struggles with them.

Economics - Academy of science

Sonoma mountain and Carpe Diem both went on a field trip to the Academy of Science in San Francisco, it was a really great experience to adventure and see all the different animals and bugs that they have inside. My favorite section was the aquarium, it just all blew my mind seeing all the different fish, and creatures that live under the water.

The link to my video is below.


I enjoyed walking into History class and hearing about the news of what’s happening around the world. I mostly found the different research assignments a bit difficult because it is a lot of research needed and I can’t find it easily sometimes. I don’t think Mr. Anderson has to change anything at all, his teaching style is really good and he really gets into thorough information with his students when they need help on assignments. I believe that one major improvement I could have made would have been to stay more focused and to have turned assignments in on time.

A digital assignment that I have finished and was easy is the Urban Life slide show we did in class with partners. The directions were to describe what is going on in the pictures and how their daily lives looked. There were 10 slides with pictures of immigrants, children, and the different looks of poverty. I found this assignment easy because all you needed to do was describe what was happening, but it was also a bit difficult because you really don’t know exactly what is going on. I liked learning about the difficulties of life for people at this time and I felt that pictures did good job of conveying that. I worked with my friend Lily in the class and we were both confused on some of the slides we looked at together. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ALYMxMAdzIoKsklFimdJvbr_TmteE0ngTSmxw7EJEDY/edit

Ema'lee Hardy

I am a senior at Sonoma Mountain, I am turning 18 in just a few months and going to the Santa Rosa junior college in Petaluma starting next fall and then starting the mission to get transferred to Sonoma State University. I am trying to become either a Veterinarian or a Band teachers assistant.

Student learning inter

1. Taking the ferry to angel island and learning about the immigrants

2. It helped me realize how easy I have it and how the immigrants got had a rough trail to go down.

3. I have discovered that I learn best with more information on whats going on

4. My attitude changed positively as I got closer to my success, and got all my credits.

5. Keep up the good work on keeping your students on track. I appreciate it how much they push me to get it all done.

6. They can just support me on my hard work towards graduating.

7. no