The Cheyenne Tribe

By: Kayla Bunce


They are a Nomadic tribe

so they don’t stay in one

place. But they usually traveled

more west of the Mississippi

River. For example: Colorado, South

Dakota, and Arkansas.


They live in Nature covered logs.

Grass covered prairies With some

streams and rivers. They usually

go to states that are warm. They

also stayed in teepees that our tent

like homes.


They usually farmed to get crops

to eat. They also hunted to get

most of their food items. For

example: deer, elk, bear, and

wild turkey.


They did a lot of battles to get land.

They won most of them which earned

them land. But one battle was Very

important to them, a battle against

America which they lost.


They didn't have That many Traditions,

One of them was: once a month they all

had to smoke out of a peace pipe. They

all used to gather around the campfire and

certain people would tell old stories.


Men wore breechcloths, leggings, and

moccasins. Woman wore deer silk

dresses and skirts with shells and

\animal teeth on it. They also wore

necklaces and as we know bracelets

( as they know armbands )


They use bow and arrows the most.

Spears are also a weapon they used

for sailing in the ocean and killing underwater

animals. Another common tools are: swords,

knives, and axes

Fun Facts

The language they speak in is English and

back then musical language. There are two

Cheyenne tribes one of them has the most

and the other less. The Cheyenne tribe kids

had a respectful roles learned from parents.