7th Grade Family Newsletter

The On-Line Learning Edition, Part I

Continuous Learning

Please check your email today for an email from the district. It outlines the expectations for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our plan for our students to continue learning for the remainder of the school year. We appreciate all that you are doing to adjust to a new normal in your homes and your efforts to keep your families safe and healthy during this time. Your patience as we work through the details are much appreciated. I am sure things will be adjusted for improvements as we get started. We miss seeing all of the kids and know that we are still here for you and for them. Please let us know if you have specific needs that we can help with to get you set up for online continuous learning. Thank you!

Tips for Dealing with On-line Education in Middle School

1. Call a family meeting and Establish a routine for when school work time is and should be completed.

- During this meeting establish academic goals, review classroom materials and establish your own families expectations.

- Even go so far as reviewing bed times, ensuring they are doing something physically healthy and establish face to face time with each other.

2. Expect set backs and frustration. There are days the technology isn't going to work right, things that you thought were saved have disappeared or put in a location you can't find, etc. (When in doubt take a screen shot and email yourself an assignment or it's progress before end for the day and/or submit it.)

3. Assume good intent of others. It's easy to misread a text message, email, direct message, etc. Take the time to assume the other person is trying to be helpful and not mean spirited.

4. Check your child's technology. Now more than ever it's important to review where your child is going electronically. It is too easy for them to go to web-sites they aren't supposed too and worse there are predators out there who will take advantage of these situations.

5. Establish technology limits. Your child could now literally be on technology from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed and say, "But it's for school." Establish time for them to do something away from a screen.

Counseling Corner with Frint

Greetings 7th Grade Family,

This is a tough one to write...I am sure I'm feeling a lot like you all. Angry, full of anxiety regarding "what's next," sad, hurt, etc. but what I do know is we can't give in to fear and that tomorrow is another day. It's just a different day then we are use to. I still plan to push forward and will continue to help you and your children and let me tell you how.

1. I plan to send weekly emails to the entire Class of 2025 to check on their academic progress but more importantly to me their social emotional status. Depending on their responses I may offer more private emails and/or skype sessions if needed. I will continue to follow the ethical guidelines provided by the district, state and American School Counseling Association that my position requires. If I feel like you as their parents/guardians need contacted regarding their emotional needs I most definitely will.

2. Working on their future schedules. I still fully intend to work with your child on selecting electives for next school year, we will just have to do it in an electronic format. I'm hoping to have something ready to go the week of March 30th and move on from there.

3. Encouraging students to continue career exploration via our computer program Xello. I have already visited classrooms earlier in the year to do some career exploration but this might be a broader chance for the children to explore more. If you would like to know more information about the Xello program please email me and I can give you more information.

My other hope is to be communicating with families a little more in this format so if you have topics or questions you would like me to field in the future send me an email.

I know there is probably a ton of questions right now but unfortunately, the answers I have to give right now are "I don't have many" and "Please be patient while we figure everything out." I will talk to you all soon.

Warmest Regards,

Michael Frint

7th Grade Counselor


State Assessments

Your child will not be taking the Kansas State assessments this year. The state does not expect schools to give the state assessments when schools are closed. Even though the assessments are taken online, the tests cannot be given to students in a remote location.
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Breakfast/Lunch Pick-Up

Effective March 23rd, the District is approved by the State to expand its Grab-n-Go meal operations to Milford Elementary, Grandview Elementary and Sheridan Elementary. The program currently serving out of Junction City Middle School is being re-located to serve out of the 9th Street Karns building.

Effective March 23rd, the following sites are available for meal distribution:

  • Early Childhood Development Center
  • Spring Valley Elementary
  • Seitz Elementary
  • Washington Elementary
  • Milford Elementary (new)
  • Grandview Elementary (new)
  • From JCMS (closed) to Karns Building (new)

Meals are distributed between 11:30 and 12:30 Monday through Friday at designated locations. Each child will receive a lunch meal for that day plus a sack breakfast for the following morning.

Children must be present to receive a meal but are not required to attend the school where meals are being distributed. Exceptions:

  • The guardian provides documentation citing that the child has special needs and cannot come to the food distribution site.
  • The child has been quarantined at home and cannot come to the site.