What will you eat in the USA?

Food, Shopping and Party


For breakfast, We will eat Pancake with Butter and Banana at Denny's,
a restaurant in Los Angeles

For lunch, We will eat Sandwich and Orange Juice with Potbelly Sandwich, a restaurant in Washington

For dinner, we will eat Soupt,Steak, Caesar Salad with OUTBACK, a restaurant in Texas

Steak and Unlimited Shrimp: No Rules. Just Right.


Are you going shopping in the USA?
We will going shopping in New York City.
We will buy clutch bag and shoes in Woodbury Outlet

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, New York

Let's Go Party!

Where will you go party while in the USA?
While in the USA, we will go out Halloween Party in L.A.

It's a lot of fun.

2012 Official UTS Halloween Party