Jacket Years and Painted Windows

By Sarah Brookshire 5-12-2015 Thurs.

John F. Kennedy Inauguration From an Adoring Fan

November 8, 1960. "He was in interviews on national TV; in debates with Richard Nixon. This was the first presidential Debate on TV." Subeth Burge states, "People liked JFK because he was calm, articulate, and had a Boston accent." Continued on Page 3

World War II through young eyes

Sunday morning, December 7th, 1947. We were already at war with Germany, but when Japan attacked, we were at war with both sides. Every young male from 18 to 35 was drafted. "I was in the 3rd grade when Japan attacked us. Sugar, butter, gasoline, and everything else we take for granted now was rationed for the war efforts... Continued on page 4.

Breaking news about John F. Kennedy's Death, first hand look

The day, November 22, 1963, late noon, John F. Kennedy was assassinated. "Businesses closed on a Friday. Everyone watched the Funeral on TV. Banks had to get special permission to close a 4th day because they weren't allowed to be open for more than 3 days." States John Edwin, "It the stunned the nation when he was killed...Continued on Page 5.