Mr. Mason believes......

in the Apostles creed and the Nicene creed

Who is Mr. Mason?

Mr. Mason the Assistant principal at Jubilee primary school. Mr. Mason is 55 years old and has 4 children and 2 grandchildren. Mr. Mason is also a catholic.

The Language of the Creeds

Mr. Mason's opinion is that the 2 creeds are both belief statements. He thought i believe and we believe and for our sake for us are the most powerful part of the creeds.the common language of a group the motto mission, team song.

Timeless words to live by?

Mr. Mason says thing can change but our beliefs don't. He says it summarises him because he is a great christian leader.

My opinion on the creeds

I believe in both creeds because I believe in God , Jesus and the holy spirt. I believe that Jesus is the son of god and dies on the cross for us so that we would be free for sin. I believe that jesus did all those miracles like turns 2 loafs of bread and 5 fish into enough food to feed the whole town. i go to church and say it about a thousand times it means that you are a true believer and that you do believe in god letting his only son die on the cross just so that we a safe of sin.