Politically Unique

Bryan Vance

What is a Political Revolution

Basically, if you feel like your government is making unfair or cruel laws, you could potentially overthrow them. It wouldn't be easy, but if you had enough support, and followers behind you then you could overthrow, and start up a new government.

Many Political Revolutions

There have been many political revolutions some consist of The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, and The Hunger Games (Which is a fictional revolution) They happened with the determination of brave individuals such as George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln.

Political Revolutions Are Possible

Do the benefits outweigh the costs?

The benefits do outweigh the costs, because without these revolutions the United States would be very corrupt, and wouldn't have freedom. The Revolutionary War gave America its independence from Great Britain, and The Civil War ended the rebellion started by the south, and abolished slavery. From what you can tell the benefits do outweigh the costs.