Main facts about Vietnam!

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The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi.

People in Vietnam speak Vietnamese, English and French.

The main products that Vietnam sells are: Shrimp, steel, oil and rubber tree plantation.

Laos and Cambodia border Vietnam to the West and China to the North.

The major belief system of Vietnam is Buddhism.

Vietnam's Natural Recourses

Vietnam has lots of steel, coal, electricity oil and rubber tree plantation.

The current leader of Vietnam is Truong Tan Sang.

The Government of Vietnam

What is Vietnam's Government?

Before, Vietnam was split into North and South. The North Vietnam were communists and the South Vietnam were democratic. But the South Vietnam took over the North Vietnam. So the current government of Vietnam is communism.

Population, Size and Date formed

Vietnam has almost ninety million people and Vietnam is about 128,000 square miles. Vietnam has a lot of people. Vietnam was formed 500,000 years ago.

Vietnam's Landform

Vietnam is a country of tropical low lands, rolling green hills and densely forested mountain.