What we have done in class so far.

By: Kolbe Harris

Motovation Poster

I did a poster with a towel from South Park called Towelie he is a hardcore crack and heroine addict so my poster is about not doing drugs. I learned that I am not to bad at drawing if I do my best and I learned a lot of lessons from other peoples posters.

Typing Test

We take test were we test how fast we can type and every time we take a test I usually go up by about 10 words per minute. I use a website called nitro type it is a game were all you do is race against people around the world and see who goes the fastest at typing and whoever does gets more money than everyone else to buy new cars, tires, etc.

Fixed vs Growth mindsets

On this project we compared two types of mindsets growth and fixed we had to look at and make a list of the pros and cons of each one. Growth mindset is the best mindset because they don't give up they keep going, fixed mindset means you give up and stop trying.

All About Me

This project involved us making a list of things we enjoy doing and are good at doing. I decided to put Playing guitar, Trap Shooting, and Being an Offensive Lineman as my topics. We had to explain these topics and why we enjoy them.

Note taking

in this assignment we had to make a list of different types of note taking we had to learn multiple different types of note taking. My favorite was the Cornell style of note taking I will use that style of note taking for future projects that require note taking.

Building of stuff

We had to learn about goals in this project we had to record previous goals we have had and accomplished. Then we had to make a new goal to build something in class. I decide to build an iPhone mount for a rifle scope but eventually decided to work with my partner on our hoverboard.

Calendar and Organization

In this project we had to learn how to use our google calendar wisely and usefully. I have always had trouble using my calendar because I easily forget about it which an backfire on me when I forget projects and get them in late due to my poor planning.

Peer Editing

This was part of the "Things we are good at" what we had to do was have a partner watch us present in private before we presented in front of the class. Me and my partner presented our projects and we both did great.