Analyzing The Mysterious Benedict Society - by Laura DeWitt

World Class Outcomes & the 4C's

  • Evaluate how authors are strategic in creating meaning with more elements and more complex texts.
  • Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity

Our Antagonist - Mr. Curtain

Mr. Curtain is the antagonist of the story because in the book, Mr. Curtain is the one who is sending out the messages which are being used by Mr. Curtain so he can control the world. Also, Mr. Curtain has a sinister kind of attitude towards the character.

Round or Flat? Static or Dynamic?

Mr. Curtain is a round and static character. I believe this because he has tons of depth to his character and he had never gone through a life changing event.

Direct and Indirect Characterization of Mr. Curtain

Direct Characterization - none

Indirect Characterization - when Mr. Curtain wanted to brainwash people's minds.

About Me

Hello my name is Laura and this is my 8th year of being here at Heritage Elementary. I love the book "The Mysterious Benedict Society" because it is an amazing story with lots of mystery and wonderment.