Civil Rights Movement

Mikayla Davis

Many African American people fought very hard for civil rights. Inspiring leaders such as Martin Luther King Junior are the people who made equality happen. By delivering speeches like his "I have a Dream" speech touched the lives of everyone who heard it and still does today. Rosa Parks did something like not giving up her seat on the bus and it changed the way all the white people saw them. It showed that they were determined for equal rights. The Civil rights act of 1964 changed America forever. The law was finally equal citizenship rights and equal protection rights for everyone and not just white people.

Why did I choose Civil Rights?

I chose civil rights because I find people like Martin Luther King Junior very inspiring. It must of been pretty hard to be a African American back then. The people that I have on here all have an amazing story about what they went through and they are just a few of many who went through it. They all fought very hard to get the laws changed because they wanted to be treated as equals. I would like to see something like this where everybody puts all of their energy into one thing. Now there is still some racism but it's nothing like what these people had to go through. As a white American citizen I could not imagine treating some the way that they were treated and that is why I chose civil rights.