All about me

Diana Quintana

This is me

Hello! My name is Diana Quintana, I'm 14 years old and I live near Bescanó, a little town near the city Girona, in Catalonia. I was born in Girona, and I lived there until I was 7 years old. I study 3rd of ESO in SI la Miquela highschool, in Bescanó too.

My family

My mother is a very nice person. She is called Magda. I have a brother, Daniel, that is 24 years old and a sister, Delia, that is 21 years old. We live with James, too, he is my mother's husband. We also have a mascot, a cat, his name is Garfield, and he is a very sweet mascot. A thing that I didn't said yet is that I am half romanian, beacuse my mother is from Romania, but I've always lived in Catalonia.

free time

I spend a important part of my free time listening to music. I also use to draw and paint, and I love to do it. Other things that I do in my free time is meet my friends, play volleyball or read books, play videogames in the PC or the xbox, etc. This is one of my last drawings.

my future plans

I am a very undecided person, so I don't know exactly what I want to do in my future, but i see myself in 5 years studying abroad in a good architecture university, in the USA, Japan or Norway, that are my favorite countries too. I don't know were I want to live, but Spain and Norway are my two main options. I would like to study 3D design, arts or something related to music besides architecture.

my routine

Every day, I wake the later I can and I go to the school. I stay there from 8.30 to 14.50. After that, I have lunch and depending on what day it is, I go to volleyball at 7 o'clock in the evening. I stay there for two and a half hours, so I finish at 9.30. Then, I return to my house. Every weekend, usually on Saturdays, I have volleyball matches all around Catalonia.

Likes and dislikes

I like animals in general. I like the nature and my favourite weather is winter, but not Spain's winter, I like the northern ones, with northern lights and snow every day. I like eating pasta or fruits. I love the music, I can't say my favourite type of music, but the ones I like more is dubstep, house music, rap and rock. If I had to choose a favourite musician, I would choose Linkin Park, Deadmau5, or Green Day. I love adventure ond dangerous sports, like rafting, puenting or climbing.

physical & psychological description

I am tall. I have long, dark brown and curly hair and my eyes have a very dark brown colour. My skin is brunette all the year, even in winter. I usually wear sweaters or T-shirts and jeans with booties or normal shoes. I also usually wear my hair down. I'm a hard-working person, but very lazy too. There's nothing that can stop me if I want to do something. I'm nice and extroverted.