Elizabeth Blackwell

By: Gabriella Eitniear

Born: February 3, 1821

Died: May 31, 1910

Highlights of Childhood

Elizabeth Blackwell was never schooled and her parents hired private tutors which was against Englands policy. Elizabeth moved to New York and was able to go to school.

Entry into Adulthood and Motivations to become a reformer.

The Blackwells' financial situation was unfortunate. in need of financial support the sisters of Elizabeth Blackwell started a school, The Cincinnati English and French Academy for Young Ladies, which provided instruction in most if not all subjects. In 1844, with the help of her sister Anna, Blackwell got a teaching job that paid $400 per year in Kentucky. Although she liked her class, she found the schoolhouse lacking. What disturbed her most was that this was her first real encounter with the realities of slavery. She ultimately found Henderson to be absurd and boring, the people to be simple and petty, and the whole situation, all in all intolerable. She returned to Cincinnati only half a year later. Elizabeth Blackwell first decided to enter medicine when her friend had a deadly virus. Part of Blackwell's decision to become a doctor was due to the fact that she wanted to live her life as a single women free of marriage to become a good doctor and pass school without a man dragging her down and making her become a house wife and a mother. Elizabeth was also fascinated with medicine and becoming the first female doctor

Wrongs of the World before this reform

There where a few things wrong with this world before our first female doctor. One thing wrong with this world was women where never thought of to be able to be a doctor they where the nurse or they worked with the babies being a doctor was a mans job. Elizabeth made it known around the world that females can also have the same authority and power as a man a women can have the same streanghts and abilitys to. Another thing wrong with this world before this reform was many womens main job was to be a wife and a mother but Elizabeth chose to stay unmarried and childless while becoming a doctor she proved women can have their own life they do not have to depend on man to have an income or property of their own. they also did not need to be stuck as a stay at home mom women can have educations and jobs just as the hardworking men that they would depend on. One more wrong with this world was abortion it is still something wrong today but before Elizabeth abortion was considered before adoption.

The Change Elizabeth made

Elizabeth made changes to our world for the better. she proved women can become anything a man can become she also proved women can do anything if they put their minds to it. Elizabeth tried hard to end the abortion but its still a persons choice but she did lower the amount that choice was used. Elizabeth was the first female doctor and their where many after her she also a school for girls to learn medical and become doctors themselves.


After Blackwell established this hospital, Elizabeth had her sister take over the school for young girls. She returned to England and later in 1857, she became chair of gynecology at the London School of Medicine for Women in England. This was also a great accomplishment for Elizabeth because part of her earlier ambitions was to be able to give woman the rights to be able to have a woman physician to turn to.

In 1859 Blackwell returned to the United States and she resumed work with the Infirmary. During the Civil War, the Blackwell sisters helped to organize the Women’s Central Association of Relief, selecting and training nurses for service in the war.

Death of Elizabeth Blackwell

Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell died May 31, 1910 at her home in Hastings in the South coast of England. Her cause of death is unknown. She was 89 years old.
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