Martina Macià and Melina Maschio

Here we are!

Hello, we are Martina and Melina and we are going to give you our opinion about de project Sharing Languages.
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What we like the most!

What we like the most was the videoconferences because we could talk to people in english and practise a lot and the swiss and the italians helped us with the project.

What we like the least?

What we like the least was shearching information for the project because was boring and it take a lot of time.

What we have learned?

we learn that the english is very much present in our languages. We could see that in the sentences with english words we prepared and the pictures of our cities.

What we would have liked to have done?

We would have liked to have liked to work in another topic such as entertainment or traditions and celebrations.


We would have liked to do this etwinning project and we are so sad that we have to say goodbye. Good luck and see you soon! :)