Democracy is the best government!

Everyone should live with democracy

Brochure by Carolyn Stadnyk

Participation in a democracy

Democracy- tolerance, respect, a willing to learn from one another. These are values on which democratic nations thrive. Democracy is full of equality , opportunities and what's best for people Question is why wouldn't you want to have this form of government. Democracy has so many benefits such as being able to vote but only if you are eighteen or over the age of eighteen. We have many political parties which I think is beneficial because we get to hear more opinions and thoughts. Candidates who run for office get to choose if they want to run from office. From both the Democrats and Republican. Unlike in communism people have to be in office and they don't have a choice. Yes, we have different beliefs in our government and all governments have different beliefs in fact. But in democracy we agree to disagree.

Democracy in Action

Democracy is everywhere in our day to day lives. In democracy we have our own rights ,freedom and property. If you come from a chaotic government such as anarchy we do have freedom in democracy it's just controlled so things won't go chaotic. In democracy you have three branches of government (legislative, judicial and executive) to split up the power. Unlike dictatorship or totalitarianism who have all the power and think they are more powerful than the other citizens. Example of respect for democracy- school rules, as with the law, should be fair and reasonable. Young and old people should be taught and guided to understand the importance of then and the reason why these rules or laws exist.

Discovering Democracy

Democracy- the respect for human dignity

In the article Discovering Democracy it says that " To learn democracy students must do democracy". The skills associated with social and civic participation encourage children to take an active and informed role in society. Meaning that we want new generation of kids to understand and participate in the world. By doing this we are preparing kids to become great things in the future. If you have a child and are considering to move to a place with a different form of government this would be the best option for you. In this article it also stated that democracy gives ordinary citizens the greatest opportunity of influencing public decisions.

In democracy you have the right to speak your mind, opportunities, rights and laws to protect citizens, freedom, equality and respect. I feel like democracy is the best form of government. People have protection and freedom of speech. KIds and citizens are top priority. Equality for every race, gender,caste of class. It doesn't matter. So what are you waiting for! Come live is a state with the best form of government. Democracy!!!