St. Patrick's Day

Jacob Keeney & AJ Martin

Our History

Since the 9th-10th century, St. Patricks day has been celebrated on March 17th. The very first parade held to honor St. Patrick was in New York City in 1762. It is celebrated all around the world with people of an Irish background. According to a legend, St. Patrick rid Ireland of snakes.

Global St. Patrick's Day


  • Businesses and organizations hold breakfasts and lunches with door prizes, serving traditional Irish food and drink.
  • Parades are held in the cities of Sydney and Brisbane.
  • Bars and Pubs make big business on St. Patrick's Day, with many businesses still open.
  • Irish associations teach the history of immigration and settlement of the Irish in Australia.


  • Parades are held in Toronto and Montreal, with a 3-day festival held during the week.
  • Only green food and drink is served during parties.
  • Official holiday, but all schools and businesses are all open.
  • Roads close during parades but transportation is still running.


  • Largest parade is thrown in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Cities and villages hold week long festivals putting culture on display.
  • Banks, post offices, and other businesses are closed on St. Patrick's Day.
  • Public transportation varies depending on location of parades.

United States

  • Parties and parades are thrown across the country in cities such as Chicago, Boston, Denver, New York City, Seattle
  • It is not a federal holiday so businesses and schools are open.
  • Bars make a lot of money on St. Patrick's day because of the beer that is consumed, along with green food.
  • In cities like New York City, Seattle, and New Orleans, that have big Irish-American populations, big parades are thrown and transportation is disrupted.

United Kingdom

  • March 17th is a normal day for many people in England, Scotland, and Wales.
  • In some towns and cities with large Irish populations, parades and other large scale events are held.
  • In Nottingham, a weekend is of celebrations is organized. Including children's workshops, an arts festival, and performances by well-known Irish musicians.
  • While in London, a whole week of celebrations is organized.

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