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2021-22 Issue #3: Thursday, September 9, 2021

News, Information and Updates for Bremerton School District staff.

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Teachers! Please remind your families to complete their ABCs!

Time is running out for parents to "complete their ABCs!"

The ABCs are our improved Annual Back-to-school Check-in process or ABCs (formerly known as the Annual Demographic Update). Please remind families to take a few moments to complete this important process before school starts (and will be following-up with families who don't).

The ABC process must be completed for all students in the district - including both previously enrolled as well as newly registered students.

If families have questions about this process or need help with your Skyward log-in they can call call 360-473-1076 or contact Lori Campbell at

Teachers: Please remember to create/update your Google site by Sept. 17!

Click here to submit your Google site's URL

We will get your Google site linked to your school website!

Check out some of our back-to-school photos

PCHS Clinic at Mountain View Middle School

The clinic serves Bremerton School District students (preschool - 12th grade) and staff. It is is open 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays during the month of September. The clinic will return to normal school year hours beginning October 4.

Applying for a grant?

Please review the District grant guidelines before completing your application. A pre-application request must be submitted for grants >$500.

The Washington Cares Long Term Care payroll tax begins January 2022

Here are some things you need to know:

  • Long Term Care is not the same as Long Term Disability (LTC is not LTD)
  • SEBB is not going to be offering an alternative to the state program
  • The payroll tax is mandatory unless you file for an exemption. If you opt out you cannot opt back in.
  • Exemptions require you purchase your own LTC policy by November 1, 2021

Here are some links for more information:

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Highlights from September 2, 2021

Policy News

Two revised policies came to the Board for second reading and adoption.

Policy 3241, Student Discipline, is an essential policy and it is imperative that staff be familiar with this policy. It was reported to the Board that earlier in August, building administrators were provided with training on the important subject of Student Discipline. This policy is attached for everyone’s review. Content from Policy 3200, Rights & Responsibilities, has been included in this revised Policy 3241, and 3200 is now being retired.

Policy 1822, Training and Development for Board Members - This updated policy provides for governance training for all directors that must be aligned with "the cultural competency, diversity, equity, and inclusion standards for school director governance developed and provided by the Washington State School Directors' Association."


First Reading and Updated Procedures:

Policy 6800, Safety, Operations and Maintenance of School Property, came to the Board for first reading. These minor changes, based on SB 1176, removes the allowance for districts to withhold grades and transcripts of a student who is responsible for damages, etc.

3220P, Freedom of Expression, has extensive changes. This is the accompanying procedure to Policy 3220, Freedom of Expression, which was revised and adopted in August. Please be sure to review this. It is effective immediately and is attached for your review.

Current Policies and Procedures can be found on the District Website under the School Board tab.


The Consent Agenda holds a lot of items that appear regularly on the agenda, such as Payroll and the Human Resources Report, but other items appear less frequently, such as Basic Education Compliance. The State Board of Education (SBE) collects compliance annually online (through igrants) from every school district in Washington. This was approved by the Board at this meeting.

To stress the importance of school attendance, the Board passed Resolution 2020/2021-01 proclaiming that our district will “stand with the nation in recognizing September as Attendance Awareness Month.” By working together, we “can help all children get to school every day so they have an opportunity to learn, flourish and realize their dreams. (Attendance Works)

Bremerton High School’s Student Representative to the Board, Mitchell Alexander, attended the meeting with another student, Brian Ortiz-Barojas, who serves as the BHS Student Faculty Liaison. This was Mr. Alexander’s first report to the Board but it was full of good information, provided by both ASB representatives, including work and activities leading up to the start of school, some of the difficulty for students transitioning from online learning to being back in the buildings, and, finally, some of the events happening this fall. Students are working hard to prepare for this year’s homecoming, A Knight Under the Stars, which will happen the 3rd week of September rather than its usual time in early October.

Dr. Leavell briefly described the hectic parking lots at the schools as parents have concerns this year putting their children on the bus due to the pandemic. The district office will consider ways we may be able to alleviate the parents’ uneasiness as well as the drop off and pick up situations at the schools.

To view any of these documents, you may also visit

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UPDATED!! Kitsap County Community Resource Guide (Fall/Winter 2021-22)

This document (and other information) can be found on our Community Resources page on our website (accessible from the Programs and Services A-Z menu).
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Click here to view the Resiliency Summit web page for all Summit information including registration and COVID precautions.

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Photo: First day of school at Armin Jahr Elementary.

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