Olivia Leake



Tulsa Engineering Challenge Toothpick Bridge Summary

The reason we went with the design we chose was because we knew triangles and X's would be stronger. In most real bridges there are brasses that cross and support a lot of weight. We compared past bridges and found a bridge we liked and started building it. We also saw other people used X's all through out their bridge. When we started building the first row was in a zig-zag pattern to support weight. Also the cube shaped part made it easier to build onto.

The thing we would change would about our bridge would would be the internal roadbed. The roadbed is where the bridge broke. If we fix this I think the pieces would fit better together and the bridge could hold more weight. Instead of making the roadbed with zig-zag it would be better if we did different design. We could of maybe done a straight line of toothpicks. But the most effective part would be text sides of the bridge.

Other designs I saw that was effective was that more people put their bundles closer together. People put the bundles together help support more. I saw other people's bridge in the corners the were flat on the edges. Or were almost like they were cut. I also saw on other people's bridge they trimmed the toothpicks. Most people trimmed the toothpicks very short to make tiny cross brasses.

Some challenges we faced were the width of bridge and the internal roadbed. The width was aways an issue for us. But the roadbed caused a major problem and that's where our bridge broke. The roadbed made it difficult to put all the pieces of the bridge together. We had too much glue which also made it hard to put the bridge together. When we finally got everything together it was hard for the middle piece in.

Even though this project was hard I enjoyed coming up with ideas to design the bridge. I also liked how it was easy to fix something because it took a while to dry. I'd like this project over all because I really liked having a challenge and I could be creative. I thought it was fun to get to be creative with this. This project made me challenge myself harder than usual. I enjoyed working on this project this year.