Clarks Creek Chronicles

October, 2015 - News and Notes to Keep You Connected

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A Note From the Principal

Dear Parents,

We've had a remarkable first quarter of the 2015-16 school year! It was fun to end our day before break with our first PRIDE convocation of the year to celebrate the accomplishments of our students. Check out the picture collages below!

When we return from break, we will look forward to having an opportunity to have all parents in for parent-teacher conferences. This provides a great overview of where your child is at this stage of the year and allows a chance for you and your child's teacher to be sure you are working in tandem for your child's success. We are excited to have you in the building for these important meetings! Please take a minute to look at all of the great student work throughout the halls while you're here!

I hope that the week of fall break allowed you to spend some quality time with your children and to get re-energized for this next important quarter. I'll look forward to seeing you in the building this week!

Mrs. Donovan
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Click the Link Above to See the Website Calendar

  • 10/19 PTO Meeting 6:30pm

  • 10/19-10/22 Fall Book Fair

  • 10/21 Life Skills Field Trip - Zoo
  • 10/22 Conference Day - No School for Student; Trash Bag Pick-Up

  • 10/23 Third Grade Field Trip - Conner Prairie
  • 10/24 Halloween Event 5-8p

  • 10/26 - 11/4 Fourth Grade Field Trips to One-Room School
  • 10/28 K Field Trip - Kelsay Farms
  • 10/28 Community Forum - Justine Thompson 6:00pm PHS Auditorium

  • 10/30 Fall Parties 2:30-3:15

  • 11/2 - 11-6 K Walking Trips to Bank (days scheduled by teachers)
  • 11/9 PTO Meeting 6:30pm

  • 11/12 4th Grade Science Fair 5:30 - 6:30 Cafeteria

  • 11/12 School Board Mtg 7:00pm Superintendent's Office

  • 11/17 3rd Grade Music Program 7:00 Gym

  • 11/26 - 11/27 Thanksgiving Vacation


Please make note of these fun family events you may want to participate in!
  • Oct. 24, 2015 - Nightmare on Elm Drive

For those who are new to Clarks Creek, this event is a fun-filled family evening. Students are welcome to wear Halloween costumes (appropriate for school - nothing too "bloody" or scary!) to the event. There will be a costume contest for those who want to enter, a "haunted house" (with both "scary" and "friendly" hours), trick-or-treating, food, and numerous other activities for the children in attendance.

Special Event Parking and Dismissal

Just a reminder, for our school-day special events like our PRIDE convos and our upcoming fall parties, parking can be quite a trick for those coming to school for the events! (I know there are those of you who know this all too well!) While finding a parking spot can be a challenge, please remember that there is no parking along the upper loop in front of the school. Those curbside spots are reserved for bus parking. Buses begin arriving before our end-of-day events come to an end.

When leaving the building from end-of-day events, please be sure to use the same care in exiting the parking lot as you would at any other time of the day. While being able to leave before the "rush" of car-rider pick-ups and buses is nice, it's not as important as maintaining a safe environment for all of our students and those friends and family attending the events.

We appreciate your help in keeping our parking lots safe.

Combatting Childhood Hunger

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A good education begins with a well fed child! Childhood hunger is a challenge, even for some families here in Plainfield. Beyond that, parents often wonder exactly what their children should be eating. The link below has some excellent information for families struggling with hunger and other info for those wanting to ensure that your children are getting adequate nutrition.

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We will include student opportunities in our newsletter when possible. However, some of them may end prior to the next newsletter coming out! You can bookmark the link below to check out the variety of camps, contests, and athletics that may be available to your child throughout the month, more frequently than the newsletter may arrive.


Visiting for Lunch

Our new cafeteria tables should be in the week of October 19th. This will provide more room for our students and for our visiting parents. Thanks for your patience as we work through these "growing pains."

PTO Info

  • The annual Nightmare on Elm Dr. is approaching quickly! Pre-sale orders are due Wednesday, October 21st. PTO is still in need of a lot volunteers to help the night of the event, please sign up via the link below. PTO is also asking for candy and 2 liter soda donations. Without our volunteers, PTO would not be able to make this event happen.

  • Thank you to all the students and parents who participated in the trash bag fundraiser! We will sort orders on October 21st. PTO will need volunteers to help beginning at 9 am. Please email PTO if you are willing and able to assist with the sorting of the trash bag orders. Trash bag pick up will be during parent-teacher conferences on October 22nd. If you are willing and able to help oversee trash bag pick up, please follow the link below. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • Don’t forget the October PTO meeting will be held on October 19th at 6:30 pm in the Clarks Creek Library.

  • Visit the annual Fall Book Fair between October 19th through the 21st during school hours, or during parent-teacher conferences on the 22nd.

You can enlarge any of the pictures below by clicking on them.

PRIDE Convo!

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