Peter the Great

By Joel Feldmann

Name of Monarch and Family Name: Peter the Great of the Romanov Family

Dates of Reign and Country: Czar of Russia 1682 (Gov't 1689)

Birth- Death: 1672- 1725

Priorities/Goals: Modernize Russia

Peter's Approach to Government/ What he Tried to Accomplish

The Russian government tried to become a Western power to be able to control trade. Peter the Great planned on becoming a Western power by adding 100,000 irregulars to his army, 20,000 naval officers to his 800 new ships.

Two Polocies Enacted to Achieve his Goals

It was obvious that Peter wanted out with the old and in with the new; going to pretty extreme lengths to do so. For example, he forced his people to wear to Western clothes. Secondly, Peter forced the nobles to allow women not be traditionally secluded.

Three Achievments

First off, Peter the Great modernized Russia by building a new capital city, St. Petersburg. Secondly, he won Swedish territories all along the Baltic Sea in 1709. Finally, he signed a treaty with Qing China to clearly state their common borders in the east.

Image Captions

#1 Peter the Great's Portrait of him in his armor

#2 Russian soldiers fighting in the snow

#3 Typical clothing in the 1700's

#4 Map of Russia and China's borders