By: Xavier Gerardo

Bullying In The Community

Have you ever been bullied? Know someone that has? If so now is the time to speak up! One has heard stories about the different type of bullying that there are wether, its verbal or physical, it must come to an end. Most people that do the bullying don't realize the struggle that the person getting bullied is going through in there lives. Even if its just bullying in school it could still harm the person going home it could even cause them to take dramatic decisions like ending there life.
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Verbal bullying

Verbal bullying can be expressed with hurtful comments about the individuals, appearance, race, or beliefs. Any type of aggressive or verbal abuse to another person could be considered bullying even threats about getting physically bullied later on. Bullying could also happen without one realizing it if your at home and lets say your an overweight child, and one of your family members nicknames you "Fatty, or cow," this could also be devastating to a persons life such as creating anxiety, depression, and later on even death

Physical Bullying

Wether its a shove, hitting, stealing or destroying property they can all be classified as the same ball game. Physical bullying. Often many times a shove one day could lead to even more physical violence. Although any type of bullying is illegal, physical bullying could get the perpetrartor into even deeper problems with the law such as getting held for bail, or more time in jail, be charged with battery, ect. Not to mention it will go on the perpatrators file causing him/her to have a difficult time finding employement later on.
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Many times while surfing the internet, whether its facebook, Instagram, or snapchat, you might come across hurtful comment from one person to another, it could be as simple as just saying the word "Ugly," under a persons picture for it to effect that one person. There is many other different forms of cyberbullying, the perpetrator, could threaten another person online, and sexual comments as well. If you see any of these things the first thing you should do in this case is get an adult, or contact the police and inform them about the problem.
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Social bullying

One could say that social bullying is alike or similar to verbal. In one way it is but there is more to social bullying when we talk about social bullying we talk about how it can occur in a small group in the community or in small social network group. Social bullying is when there Is a group of people spreading false roomers about someone else outside the group in order to ruin there reputation often times, the perepetrators could even try an ruin a relationship.
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Who's At Risk

Bullying as one may know can happen wherever and whenever, the question is who are the main targets. In general and statistically it is said that, bullying occurs in small groups, that are often considered popular in there society, so they feel the need to put somebody else below them to show their power throughout the school. They usually like picking on those kids who are often quiet, and usually kept to themselves.
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Warning signs

Many times we wont know that someone is getting bullied unless they show us signs, or we notice marks on them. Many times kids are scared to tell a school administrators, or parents because they believe they would be hurt even more for "snitching." There are many different types of signs that a child is getting bullied for parents these are the main things to look for. 1. Unexplained injuries, 2. Lost or destroyed electronics, clothing, ect. 3. Difficulty sleeping. 4. Declining grades, and lost in appetite.
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The Effects of bullying

The effects of bullying for teens could be, heavy anxiety, depression, dropping of academic achievement and even loss of appetite and sleep. The students could even skip school just to not encounter bullying, there can also be health complaints, bruises, fractured ribs, whatever it may be must be stopped before it leads into something even bigger.
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Kids Who Bully Others

Many of the kids who bully others often had a rough childhood or still are, whether its growing up with only one parent or neglect/ love coming from the parents. So the kids decides to bully to make himself feel good, and take the anger out on other people, kids who usually bully are most likely already using and abusing alcohol, have criminal record, have already been in early sexual activity, and get into a lot of fights.
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How To Prevent Bullying

There are a lot of ways to stop bullying before it even starts. When we talk about stopping bullying is schools, staff can get together to create policies against bullying and often hold anti- bullying seminars for all students. The community could also do the same things, neighborhoods for example can hold meetings about coming together to stop bullying, stores could also provide "No bullying", t shirts. There are many different ways to end bullying the question is will you do your part to put an end to it?
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