May Celebrations

Celebrating GSO Birthdays and Service Anniversaries

May Birthdays

Quanique Toston - May 3rd

Ramona Kies-Moore - May 4th

Michelle Ord - May 6th

Deb Chandler - May 11th

Michael Rollins Jr. - May 12th

Paula Sullivan - May 14th

Ramil Maiso - May 17th

Stacey Davis - May 20th

Marvin Maralit - May 22nd

Merjan Sherzai-Gish - May 24th

Gregory Horton - May 28th

Anjali Aggarwal - May 31st

Verizon Years of Service

Caren Andrade 34

Keith McAndrew 31

Tim Riordan 20

Cesar Diaz 20

Jennifer Condon 19

Ed Taylor 18

Michelle Ord 18

Merjan Sherazi-Gish 15

Kelly Doyle 15

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John C. Maxwell
Lego Birthday Party