Silvia and Gloria are two very good friends that have been friends since first grade and get along really well. But now they aren’t getting along well they are both twelve and there a rumor at school about Silvia. The rumor is that Silvia likes Fred. Silvia is accusing Gloria of spreading it because the only person that knows that is she likes Fred is Gloria. But Gloria didn’t tell anyone about that. The next Monday morning at school Silvia started rumors at school about Gloria. Gloria got upset and ran to the bathroom crying. School was over, but the next day was even worse eventually they had to go to the counselor’s office to figure out what they needed to clear turns out that Silvia’s best friend Sam started the rumor. Silvia apologized to Gloria and Gloria said it was ok. Silvia told everyone the rumors were all fake. Gloria and Silvia are friends again but they won’t ever forget what had happened between the two girls because words hurt.