Jerry Jacobs Miami FL

A Tactician

Jerry Jacobs of Miami FL - Old Memories

Jerry Jacobs of Miami FL says that though he may be a power player in the hyper competitive arena of investing, that he often pines for simpler times, like in his youth. As a native of Florida for most of his life, Jerry recalls fondly his childhood, as it was filled with an abundance of warmth, love, family, and friends, more so than anyone could ask for.

He says that like anything, the stronger the foundation, the taller the building, which is why he believes that a child's upbringing is the most important and crucial aspect of his life, one that will affect his future the most. It is for that reason that he is so thankful for his own upbringing, one that was spent in the residential neighborhood of Miami Beach with family and friends. He recalls fondly playing with his friends, frolicking whimsically in the summer, with no care or responsibility, a far stretch from the high octane world of business he delves in daily now.

It is often said that once you reach the peak of something, you begin to concern yourself with the roots, something Jerry Jacobs of Miami FL has begun to understand himself. As a Financial Professional adviser with many years of success in the industry, Jerry says that what he misses most, is his youth. He said he had the privilege of a good upbringing, one given courtesy of his loving mother and father.

He says it was there warmth and patience that helped develop him into the man he is today, and teach him the importance of the family unit. Jerry helps with many small family businesses, spreading the message his parents passed down to him. That reward is in itself enough for him to keep working every day.

Jerry Jacobs of Miami FL- Minimize Risk

Jerry Jacobs of Miami FL says that commitment is the key indicator of how successful an investor will be, and that an investor who isn't willing to work, is called a gambler. A strong work ethic is a way to be successful in any career field, something Jerry's father instilled in him at a very young age. He says that it is his father whom he draws many of his personal bits of inspiration from, as well as his philosophies and ideologies. He says that he still to this day uses bits and pieces of advice his father had given him so many years ago during his childhood. One of the things he has worked the hardest on when it comes to taking his father's advice, is to never gamble when you can't afford to. This is an idea that is easier said than done when you are an investor of any kind, especially when giving financial advice to others. Jerry however says that the biggest distinction between an investor and a gambler is the amount of effort and research you put into something.

Jerry Jacobs of Miami FL says that if you want to become a great investor, leave the gambling in Vegas where it belongs. He says that far too often he sees investors place money into a business, then magically expect it to grow on its own, raking in tons of profit for little to no work. What really occurs is a steady decline in the business's value, as money itself simply isn't enough to allow something to grow. He says that these investors never last long in the industry, and that one must be willing to tackle a project head on, and not think of it as simply an acquired business, but one of your own.

Jerry Jacobs of Miami FL - Healthy Competition

Jerry Jacobs of Miami FL is a professional in the business and financial advisement industry that has experienced much success in the field, despite many obstacles. He possesses an indepth knowledge of his field as well as raw passion and enthusiasm for his job. Heloves the business world of finance and economy, its fast paced and highly competitive nature is a seamless fit for him, as someone who is very similar as an individual. He says that he has always been competitive by nature, something that he demonstrated time and time again during grade and high school, as he was involved in many sports. Jerry loved participating in sports because of the many rivalries and friendly competitions. He says that competition is the spirit of capitalism, and allows everyone to move collectively towards something better, a higher goal. He says that he loves competition because it is the catalyst for change, inspiring people to push and challenge themselves so that we can progress collectively as humans on the whole. He says that without the spirit of competition, nothing would ever change or improve, and we would not have many of the intellectual, cultural, industrial, and artistic improvements that we take for granted today.

Improving through competition is Jerry Jacobs of Miami FL's favorite aspect of the business world, and why he is so enamored with it. He says that it is amazing to see how every individual business reacts to another, countering their certain method or market scheme with something else. The result is a level of creativity and quality that is bar none. He says that this is similar to the Aesop fable where the crow drops stones into a bucket to get a drink of water. If necessity is the mother of invention, then competition is the father.