by: mallory stevenson

About the players

Softball can be played by boys and girls. Many female players where sliding shorts to protect their legs when sliding. Females use a different bat than baseball players, for fast pitch while males use slow pitch bats. Softball is not girly at all. It is my favorite sport.

Getting to base

The pitcher pitches the ball and you hit the ball, you run to the bases all around home run! You can get to the base 2 ways either a hit or a walk. a walk is when they pitch 4 balls to you then you just walk to base.

the Pitcher

The pitcher is the main part of the game. They pitch the game. They get the hits they make the game what it is. The pitcher pitches underhand and try to pitch it to the strike zone. They have the most important roll.
2012 BYU Softball - Top 10 Plays