Night Of The Twisters

Author Ivy Ruckman. Flyer By Xander Christian

2 Problems And 2 Solution's

The first problem was that the tornado hit. The solution was they all survived.

The second problem was that Dan, Arthur and Stacey did not know where Mrs. Hatch was at. They where looking around the whole town. The second solution is that they found Mrs. Hatch at K - Mart.



. Dan Hatch is the main character.

.Ryan is Dan's little brother.

. Arthur is Dan's best friend.

. Mrs. Hatch is Dan's mom.

. Stacey Is Arthur's older sister.

. Officer Kelly who let Dan drive the police car.

. The Darlington's who are Dan's neighbors.

. Aunt Goldie was Dan's Aunt.

. Minerva is Dan's cat.

A Summary Of The Book

In the beginning of the book there was a boy that was named Dan Hatch. He has a baby brother named Ryan. Of course they had a mom and a dad. They lived in Grand Island Nebraska. They had a good and fun life until one Day...

That one day changed there whole lives. That night was terrible night. There mom was at Mrs. Smileys. There Dad was at work. It was only Dan, Arthur and Ryan. There was a tornado near the house. The sirens where going of everywhere! They went to the shower. The glass shattered. The roof got ripped off.

At the end everyone survived except for Minerva. There whole town was all gone. There town was now a dump. The good thing is that they all survived.

Interesting Facts

The first interesting fact is that the whole book it actually happened.

The second was the author was Dan Hatches aunt.

The third was that there where seven tornadoes.

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