PES Panther Parent Update

4/6 to 4/9/21

PES Vision

We are a family of learners who trust each other and work together

to ensure all are successful.

PES Updates - Message from Mr. Angeloni - UPDATED

Dear PES Families,

Hello! This week we have multiple important updates for you, as well as reposts of information that is still current. Please read the newsletter in its entirety.

Tomorrow, Tuesday - 4/6, grades 4/5 will be returning to school for 4 days a week for all in-person learners. CCPS will be assuming that any student currently attending for 2 days a week in-person will now be 4 days a week. If you need a different arrangement and wish to stay hybrid you will need to call the school directly to make those arrangements. The press release has been included in this newsletter for your ease.

With this new change, our 4th and 5th grade daily schedules will be adjusted to meet the needs of our in-person learners at PES. These changes have been posted in your student's Google Classrooms and can also be found in your email via School Messenger and on the PES website.

PES will be holding make-up pictures tomorrow, Tuesday - 4/6, for all students. Virtual students, there is a sign-up link in this newsletter for appointments.

The last day for students will be June 11. Please see the press release in this newsletter for more information.

As we continue to operate in this hybrid model of learning please do not hesitate to call the school or reach out to me directly ( with any questions you may have about our reopening to in-person or virtual learning for all grade levels.

PLEASE be reminded of this important information:

  • Schedules for 4th and 5th grade will be changing after Spring Break to accommodate coming back to 4 days a week of in-person learning. These changes are in the newsletter. All other grade level schedules remain the same. Please see our schedules posted in this newsletter or on the PES website to make sure you are aware of your student's arrival and dismissal time.
  • No changes are occurring to PES's arrival and drop-off procedures. Buses will be in the front of the school and car riders will be dropped off and picked up in the car rider loop off of Noble Avenue.
  • All of our bus drivers have been instructed to pick up any student at their bus stop on the driver's route. Please call PES directly for any information relating to CCPS buses.
  • All school lunch remains free for all students. Students are free to pack a lunch, but all students can be fed at the school level for both breakfast and lunch. The February lunch menu is posted in this newsletter.

Here are the contents of this week's newsletter:

  • Message from Mr. Angeloni - UPDATED
  • CCPS Grades 4/5 Return to 4 days a week of in-person learning - REPOST
  • 4th and 5th Grade Schedule Changes - REPOST
  • Strawbridge School Make-up Picture Day Information - REPOST
  • Summer School Opportunities for Students - REPOST
  • Last Day of School Information - NEW
  • CCPS/PES April Lunch Menu - NEW
  • Portrait of a Virtual Learner - English/Spanish - REPOST
  • CCPS COVID Communication - REPOST
  • CCPS Note on COVID-19 Safety/Health Protocols - REPOST
  • Title I Information - REPOST
  • This week at PES - UPDATED

Please be reminded of our PES schedules. Here are the PES schedules for your ease, and includes all schedules, including 90-minute delay and half days:

PES Schedules - Grades Pre-K 4 to 5 - until 3/31/21

PES Schedules - Grades Pre-K 4 to 5 - starting 4/6/21

We appreciate all of the patience, kindness, and flexibility our community continues to show our staff! Please stay safe and healthy over this coming weekend!


A.J. Angeloni

CCPS Grades 4/5 Return to 4 days a week of in-person learning - NEW

Four Days a Week for In-Person Students Begins April 6

March 25, 2021 - In-person students in 4th through 12th grades will begin a four-day a week in school schedule beginning Tuesday, April 6.

  • No changes will be made to bus schedules.

  • Wednesday will continue to be an asynchronous day for all students, with teachers and staff involved in planning and professional development.

  • Families will continue to have the ability to choose either virtual or in-person learning for their students, and changes may be made by contacting the school.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated its guidance for schools, reducing the amount of physical distancing recommended between students to three (3) feet. This new guidance gives districts the flexibility to have more students in schools and enables CCPS to increase in-person immediately following Spring Break.

In preparation, administrators and support staff have reassessed and reorganized classroom space and resources. The logistics of the student day involving staffing, transportation, food services, multi-use spaces, and movement throughout the school are being revised based on updated guidance. Physical distancing on school buses remains a challenge, with three feet between students provided to the extent possible. Staff has ensured that appropriate PPE supplies are on hand for the increased number of students.

“These new guidelines allow us to continue our progress towards a full-time, in-person return to schools in the fall,” Superintendent Patty Saelens stated. “Students, staff, and families must remain vigilant with safety protocols such as wearing a mask, physically distancing, hand washing and sanitizing, and cleaning and disinfecting. These practices have been integral to our success with in-person learning to date and will remain extremely important as we continue through this school year. As always, the health and well-being of students and staff remain our highest priority.”

4th and 5th Grade Schedule Changes - NEW

PES 4th and 5th-grade parents,

Please see the following new schedules for 4th and 5th grade, which will begin on 4/6. These schedules can also be found on the PES website. The major change is a switch in lunchtimes for both grades so please be sure to adjust if you are remaining virtual.

PES Schedules - Starting 4/6/21

Thank you,

PES Administration

Strawbridge School Make-up Picture Day Information - NEW

PES Families,

We will have Strawbridge Studios at PES on Tuesday, April for make-up pictures. In-person students do not need to do anything except either pay online or bring a check with their order form if they need make-up photos. Virtual students can make an appointment for that day with the following link:

All of this information can also be found on our Facebook Page, school website, and has been emailed via School Messenger.

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Last Day of School Information - NEW

Last Day of School for All Students is June 11

April 6, 2021 - The last day of school has been set for June 11 for all students. Monday, June 14 is the last day for teachers.

School calendars are approved by the Board of Education before the start of the school year. However, state law dictates that at least three (3) inclement weather days be built into the calendar which factors into determining the last day of school. The last day is normally announced once the potential for inclement weather has reasonably passed.

This school year, students were able to learn virtually when they could not be safety transported for in-person learning. As a result, no inclement weather days were used and the school year is ending earlier than indicated the approved calendar.

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Summer School Opportunities for Students - REPOST

We are looking to offer summer school opportunities to many of our students. As we develop our summer school plan, we are looking to see what students may be interested in this opportunity. Your response to this survey is simply to gauge interest and at this time is not a commitment.

  • Dates- June 21 - July 29, 2021
  • 4 days per week
  • Elementary School- 9am - 3 pm
  • Middle/High School- 9am - 12 pm
  • Additional support for Special Education and EL students

Transportation and lunch will be provided.
Please complete one form for each child.

We realize this year has been challenging and look forward to the opportunity for additional in-person learning time. Please complete the form below if you are interested in your child attending CCPS summer school.

Summer School Opportunities for Students Survey

CCPS/PES April Lunch Menu - NEW

PES Families,

This month's daily lunch menu can be found here:

CCPS April Lunch Menu

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CCPS COVID-19 Communication - REPOST

In these difficult times, it’s easy for misinformation to spread. The goal of CCPS is to ensure communication protocols are thorough and transparent, while protecting employee and student privacy. Please remember that we do have a process for advising those identified as close contacts of a person testing positive. These notifications are followed by an email that tells staff and families of a positive COVID-19 case in our building.

This communication process can be found on the CCPS website page Positive Case Reports. This page also includes a weekly report, by building, of any positive cases reported among staff or students. Feel free to share this page with anyone needing accurate, verified information.

CCPS Note on COVID-19 Safety/Health Protocols - REPOST

Please note:

  • Our custodial staff's workday has been altered to allow for more custodians to be in our building when our students are. This allows us to clean bathrooms and frequently touched surfaces regularly throughout the day and still have custodial staff in the evening for routine cleaning after students and staff leave the building.

  • CDC approved cleaning products are used throughout the building. In addition, we've included the use of electrostatic sprayers for an additional layer of sanitizing. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer & hand wipes are available (under supervision) in all classrooms.

  • Every effort has been and will continue to be made to distance students to the extent possible while they are on the bus and in school. Some classrooms have rows of desks that are spaced out, and some have tables where students may be separated by a clear barrier.

  • Clear desk shields are placed on strategic locations on student desks and in other areas as an additional precaution, we anticipate having one shield per student soon.

  • All staff and students wear cloth face coverings. (4-year-old students in our Pre-K program are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings however it is not mandatory until the age of five.)

  • Staff continues to teach students about social distancing in an age-appropriate manner. Our goal is to teach our students the importance of social distancing without frightening them.

  • If a person in the school has COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19, he or she will be sent home to isolate. In addition, appropriate staff will perform internal contact tracing which may result in other students also being sent home to isolate. The CCPS COVID-19 Response Plan is available on the website, as is more detailed information in the FAQs section.

Important PES Information

This week at PES - UPDATED

  • Strawbridge Studies Make-up Picture Day - Tuesday, 4/6
  • Grades 4/5 returns to 4 day a week in-person learning - Tuesday, 4/6

PES Parent Title I Information - REPOST

Parents Right to Know

The Federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) contains several provisions that promote a parent/school partnership through communication. One such provision gives parents the right to ask for and receive information about the professional qualifications of their child’s classroom teachers. A parent may request the following information:

  • Any college or university degree, major or certification held by the teacher

  • Whether the teacher is certified by the State of Maryland to teach a particular grade level or subject area

  • Whether the teacher holds a conditional teaching certificate

  • The qualifications of the paraprofessionals serving the student

If you would like to request the professional qualifications of your child’s classroom teachers or paraprofessionals, please submit a written request to the principal. The principal will provide the information to you within 30 business days of the date of your request.

Parents may also request information on the level of achievement and academic growth of their child, if applicable and available, on each of the State academic assessments.

Parents will receive timely notice if the student has been assigned, or has been taught for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who does not meet applicable State certification or licensure requirements at the grade level and subject area in which the teacher has been assigned.

Parents May Request Teacher Information

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015 provides parents of students attending Title 1 schools the opportunity to request information about the professional qualifications of their child's teachers. Parents of elementary students may request in writing to the school principal information about their child's teacher including college/university degrees of certification held, subject area of the teacher's degree or certification, and Maryland certification status. Additionally, if your child is served by paraprofessionals, parents may request their professional qualifications.

Parent Information Resource Center

Parents are encouraged to visit our Parent Information Resource Center (PIRC) located in the lobby outside of the front office. The PIRC has a variety of parenting resources and informational brochures and flyers. These materials are all free. Parents can find booklets from The Parent Institute on topics such as “Seven Habits of Highly Responsible Students; Help Your Child Balance School and Extracurricular Activities, and Helping Children Learn to Resolve Conflicts.” Parents can also find information about Adult Education, GED English as a Second Language, Parenting skills, and the Program and Activities Guide from Caroline County Recreation and Parks. Please be sure to check out our Parent Information Resource Center next time you come to the school.

If you have any Title I questions please do not hesitate to school the school directly.