Drake Graham

A biography by: Angelina Bell

Basic Information &' Carrer

Drake has a carrer as a rapper, and he was a actor on Degrassi. Drake is 28 years old. Drake is mixed (black and white) his dad was black and his mom is white.

Interesting Facts &' Why I chose this person

I chose Drake because he is one of my favorite music artists. A fact about Drake is he is the worlds only Black Jewish - Canadian rap star. He was a drummer for Jerry Lee. He was born in Toronto, Canada. I would describe Drake by saying he's a really good rapper, cool, and he's popular.

Early Childhood &' Impact on Society

When Drake was 5 years old his parents (Sandi Graham &' Dennis Graham) got devorced.

(I learned that his last name is "Graham") I believe Drake's impact on society is a good impact.