"Acquainted with the Night"-Frost

By Amanda De Witt

Theme of Poem

The theme to "Acquainted with the Night" is even though he knows the night he is lonely. He walks in the rain but he goes back into the rain. He has walked past the city lights. He has seen the saddest city street. He walked passed the police. He doesn't look at them because he doesn't want to talk to them. He stopped and he hears a cry from another street. As he walks no one says anything to him. He sees a clock in the sky. He doesn't care if it is night, he still walks.

Metaphorical Comparison

The metaphorical comparison in "Acquainted with the Night" is the night is depression. He is acquainted with depression. The clock's meaning is no matter what time it is he still had depression and he cannot escape it. The city lights symbolize hope, and he walks past them. He doesn't have any hope left. He walks to escape his depression.