Siegel Marketing

Mrs. Tristan Brown

Daily Schedule

  1. Marketing II
  2. Virtual Enterprise
  3. Marketing II
  4. Retail Operations/Siegel Store
  5. Marketing I
  6. Marketing I
  7. Planning

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Welcome to the Siegel Marketing/Business Department

Marketing I - 2nd Nine Weeks

  1. Business Cycle Assessment - October 30
  2. Econ Lowdown; Class Code bkWYeSs
Complete the first two lessons on GDP by Friday November 2

Marketing II - 2nd Nine Weeks

  • Applied Digital Skills - Predicting the Next Box Office Hit - Needs to be completed by Monday November 5
  • Marketing Research

Virtual Enterprise

Company Executives :

Lauren Meyer - CEO

Mackenzie Campbell - CMO

Joseph Howard - CFO

Jackson Jordan - COO

  • Business Plan - coming along nicely
  • Southern Region Competitions Submitted ON TIME
  • WEBSITE is now LIVE
  • Business Plan Presentation on November 8
  • Planning for Trade Show and Live Competitions
Kutt~Loose a VEI Company

This link will take you to the student created and managed website for Siegel's VEI company Kutt~Loose.

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Big picture