Florida Flight 90


The Crash

The crash was tragic. Many people died, in the plane and on the bridge. People had a hard time getting out of the plane. More than half of the passengers died. A mom lost her baby and husband. Only 5 people survived. The crash needed a lot of people's help but they just watched.

The man in the water

This guy would help other people to get out of the plane and survive. He saved at least 3 people. He was stuck in his seatbelt. He couldn't get out, the water was rising. He then drowned. He risked his own life to save others

Joe Stiley

Joe was a bystander watching people trying not to drown in the river. He was up on the bridge watching. A girl was almost drowning and joe couldn't let that happen. Joe jumped in the freezing cold river to save the girls life. Joe stood up for those people in the plane crash because no one else would.