How Phones Have Developed


Ericsson R380-2000

This phone had a black and white touch screen and you could cover the screen with a key pad.

Nokia 5510-2001

Sanyo SCP-5300-2002

Nokia 1100-2003

Sold over 200 million phones and was very popular because of the new look.

Motorola Razor V3-2004

This phone was very popular because of it's new look. The different options of colors was very popular.

Nokia 6680-2005

This phone was one of the first 3G phones and was a high end phone during the time.

Nokia E62-2006

This phone was used to get attracted by the people in Europe, which they would then spread the word.


This phone was very popular because it was something the people had never seen before. The phone included a touch screen, QWERTY keyboards, and other new features.

HTC Touch Diamond-2008

This phone was big for its cool design and its touch screen.

Omnia HD/Samsung i8910-2009

This phone was the first phone to have high quality video for users.

Samsung Galaxy S - 2010

HTC ThunderBolt-2011

Samsung Galaxy S3-2012

This phone almost never glitches or slowed down. It was a good size and it was high quality.

The Evolution of Cell Phones
The Evolution of Cell Phones