The Reformation

By: elijah render

What Was The Change ?

The reformation was an essential change for the world at the time . The Reformation was a change where a different belief of faith was only needed for salvation ( protestant ) vs. faith and good works needed for salvation ( Catholics ) .

There was a difference in between the two . It caused a split between them . Although Martin Luther was a major part in the Reformation , there is a lot more to this story .

Who Were The People Associated With The Change ?

How Did The Change Impact Society at the time ?( short-Term)

The Reformation caused problems with Luther against the Emperor and against the Pope . Martin Luther was excommunicated from the Catholic church by the Pope . Some Catholics converted into protestant due to Martin Luther's statements and others remained Catholic . This Reformation caused a separation between the two . There was a major change in the Catholic people during that time .

How is That Change Evident in Today's modern society ? ( long-term effects)

Nowadays, some people still believe that you have to do good works and faith ( Catholic ) . Others believe you have to have only faith to go to heaven ( protestant ) . The split of them caused a Christian church and a Catholic church . The Reformation has caused a Long-Term split in between protestants and Catholics to this day .