Tanner Paquette

More Pay!

When you speak more then one language, you will get a better paying job. That means a bigger house, a better car, and a more healthy life, just from learning a new language! And When you have a little more money to spend you can take a lot more vacations around the world and see new places.

A better collage!

When you learn a second language, you will get better chances to go to the collage of your choice. That means even more pay, from just learning a new language! When you go to a good collage you can have the career of your choice.

Different countries!

When you know a second language, you can go to different countries and understand them. when you visit different countries it also helps with your fluency. Also when you go to different countries you can visit new people and eat new things, These are all very good benefits from just learning a new language!