Mom & Me YOGA

plus a day of yoga options!

Mom & Me Yoga

Saturday, May 7th, 8:30-10am

244 Law Street

Lapeer, MI

with Lisa Madden, Yoga Instructor (200 RYT)

In celebration of Mother's Day, spend a lovely morning of joyful relaxation and refreshing exercise with your mother/daughter/son.Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat or blanket. This practice will be suitable for all experience levels to explore the wonders of yoga.

Stretch, Reflect, Connect: Learn More About Yoga!

Join us as the Lapeer Meditation Self-Healing Center for a day of yoga activities, integrated with art, poetry, music, and more! You will experience a variety of yogic practices and learn about their benefits. Beginners and experienced yogis welcome. Come for the whole day or mix and match the sessions that interest you. Most events are appropriate for all ages. What a great way to start Mothers' Day weekend!


Individual sessions are $15 for adults, $5 for each child (5-17) with a parent.

3-sessions: $40 adults/$15 each child

Full Day: $60 adult/s/$20 each child

Soul Collage: Creating Connections Through Art

Saturday, May 7th, 10:15am-12pm

244 Law Street

Lapeer, MI

Join Soul Collage facilitator Lisa Wells to bring out your inner artist! Through artistic representation, we often discover new meaning in our lives. Lisa will guide you through an exploration of the importance of connection, and show you how to create your own beautiful collage.

Lunch On Your Own 12-1:30

Consider visiting downtown Lapeer to stroll through the Farmer's Market and try a local restaurant!

Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)

Saturday, May 7th, 1:30-3pm

244 Law Street

Lapeer, MI

Find full body and mind relaxation with the practice of Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep). Anne Marie Goike will start you with some gentle movements, followed by 60-minutes of savasana, where you will be guided through intention setting, body awareness, breath concentration, guided imagery, and other relaxation practices to get what can feel like a full night's deep sleep in one hour!

Soul Sisters and Snacks

Saturday, May 7th, 3:15-4pm

244 Law Street

Lapeer, MI

Enjoy a snack, some mindful coloring and a session with Life Coach, Jaquita McCrory:

Sisters of the HEART... The special women in our lives. Learn why these connections are so important and how to nurture them. (Free with registration of 1 class or more!)

Poetic Yoga Flow: Finding Inspiration Through Breath and Body

Saturday, May 7th, 4-5:30pm

244 Law Street

Lapeer, MI

Lisa Madden and Lisa Wells share not only first names, but also a passion for the power of writing! Through a meditative gentle yoga practice, you will cultivate flexibility and space in your body and mind, allowing the creativity to flow. You will mindfully explore images, questions, and seeds of ideas during yoga, transitioning to a stream-of-consciousness journal activity. Lisa & Lisa will guide you through a writing process to discover the nuggets of poetry that is you!

Rhythmic Yoga

Saturday, May 7th, 7-8:30pm

244 Law Street

Lapeer, MI

Experience a deep, grounding practice with Lauren Malone's Soul Nectar Yoga while listening to live saxophone, bass guitar, and drums featuring Cori and Chops Douglas along with Andy Suski. Soul Nectar yoga is an integrated practice of meditation, gentle standing flow, and restorative floor poses. Accompanied with rhythmic, soulful music, you will leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and restored!