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Anytown, USA December 18, 2015

Margot Covey Home For Holidays

Margot Song Covey, a freshman at Saint Andrews College in Scotland, has returned home for the holidays. Margot, who graduated as a straight A student from the high school last spring, is studying Anthropology. Margot is excited to be home with her dad and younger sisters, Lara Jean, a high school junior, and Kitty, a student at the elementary school.

Letter to the Editor

There seems to be too much conflict in our lives today. Conflict in school, conflict in families, conflict everywhere. Just the other day I heard about a single dad raising three daughters on his own. The oldest two girls were fighting about a boy and the youngest girl did something really mean to her sister because she thought she had been making fun of her.

Then i heard about a star lacrosse player pretending to date a girl just to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. Then he and the "pretend" girlfriend fell in love!

Why can't we all just get along? Why can't we respect each other? It's just too much to take!

From a concerned citizen

Sports - High School Lacrosse

The local high school beat their number one rival in boys varsity lacrosse last weekend, 15 - 12. Peter Kavinsky, a junior at the local school is the captain of the team and lead scorer.

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Book Review

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han is the perfect book for teenage girls who like to read about romance and drama. The story, which takes place between August and New Year's, features three sisters - Margot, Lara Jean and Kitty.

Margot breaks up with her boyfriend, Josh, right before leaving for college. Lara Jean discovers that the goodbye letters she's written to boys that she's had a crush on over the years are missing. The letters are mailed to Josh, Peter (a jock at her school), and three other boys. When Josh asks Lara Jean about the letter, she pretends to be dating Peter. Peter goes along with it to make Genevieve, his ex-girlfriend jealous.

Lara Jean falls in love with Peter, but is confused when Josh kisses her. On a school ski trip, Peter and Lara Jean kiss. The next day, Chris, Lara Jean's oldest friend and not the best of influences, tells Lara Jean that Peter is telling everyone they made out. Peter denies saying that, but Lara Jean throws away all his notes and tears up this picture. Margot returns home for Christmas and is mad when she finds out that Josh and Lara Jean kissed. But the sisters make up when Lara Jean says she loves Peter. Lara Jean finds out that Kitty mailed the letters because Lara Jean made fun of Kitty for her crush on Josh. Kitty and Lara Jean make up and Kitty gives Lara Jean all of Peter's notes that she pulled from the trash. Lara Jean reads them and realizes that she really loves Peter and sits down to write him a love letter.

Do you see what I mean about the drama? You will have to read the second book in the trilogy to see if Peter and Lara Jean or Margot and Josh get back together.

Han, Jenny. To All The Boys I've Loved Before. New York: Simon and Schuster. 2015. Print.

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Weather Forecast

It's going to be a great weekend for the high school students heading up to the mountains to ski. A new coat of light snow will make conditions almost perfect.

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Lost -

A box full of letters. The box is important because my mom gave it to me. The letters are very important personal correspondence. Reward offered. Call 123-456-7890.

Dear Abby

Dear Abby,

I am a confused high school junior. My sister's ex-boyfriend, Josh, likes me. But I think I'm in love with Peter. My friend told me stories about Peter, but now I don't think they were true and I want to be able to make up with him. I've never been very good at telling boys how I feel about them - I've always written letters to tell them goodbye. Do you think I should write Peter a letter to tell him how I feel? Signed, a hopeless romantic

Dear Hopeless Romantic,

Yes - write Peter a letter to tell him how you feel. And don't listen to your friend if you think she's not being honest with you.

Comics - Family Circus

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What do you mean - he kissed you first?