Nine weeks U.S History Project

American Resolution

Lexington and Concord

Fought on April 19, 1775, and kicked off the American Revolutionary War. A confrontation on the Lexington town green started off the fighting, and soon the British were retreating the fire. Many more battles followed, and in 1783 the colonists formally won their independence. April 1775, when British troops are sent to confiscate colonial weapons, they ran into an untrained and military.This army defeats 700 British soldiers and the surprise victory their confidence for the war ahead.

Fighting for Reconcilation

Reconciliation is the restoration of friendly relations and that's what they were fighting for. The congress was loyal to the British Crown and saved its rights by the dint of arms. On June 14, 1775, a month after it reconvened, the Continental Army was formed. George Washington was President of the leader of the continental arms.

Boston Tea Party

This act of American colonial served as a protest against taxation. Seeking to boost the troubled East India Company, British Parliament import duties with the passage of the Tea Act in 1773. December 16, 1773, Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty boarded three ships in the Boston harbor and threw 342 chests of tea overboard. This resulted in the passage of the punitive Coercive Acts in 1774 and pushed the two sides closer to war. FACT: It took nearly three hours for more than 100 colonists to empty the tea into Boston Harbor.

The First Continental Congress

The Continental Congress served as the government of the 13 American colonies and later the United States. he First Continental Congress, which was comprised of delegates from the colonies, met in 1774 in reaction to the Coercive Acts, a series of measures imposed by the British government on the colonies in response to their resistance to new taxes.
The declaration was primarily the work of one man, Thomas Jefferson, who penned an defense of the natural rights of all people, of which, he charged, Parliament and the king had tried to deprive the American nation. The Continental Congress changed to Jefferson’s draft, and attack on the institution of slavery; but on July 4, 1776, Congress voted for the Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine helped shape many of the ideas that marked the Age of Revolution. Published in 1776, his highly popular “Common Sense” was the first pamphlet to DOI .

Ben Franklin

One of the leading figures of early American history, Benjamin Franklin was a statesman, author, publisher, scientist, inventor.Ben was born in Boston family of intelligence , Franklin had little formal education.

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