BOOK BY: Margaret O. Hyde

Main Characters:

The main characters of the book are several people (mostly Teenagers) describing the way certain drugs effected their lives.One main characters includes Zach a sixteen- year old addicted to Marijuana. Zach is one of many stories in Drugs 101.

Overview of Plot:

The two main ideas of the plot are Drugs and about those certain drugs and different people explaining how drugs effected their lives. This book goes into detail of each drug, including weather or not its a Narcotic, drugs used medically to relieve pain, a Cannabis which is a Tobacco-like substance that is a Hemp plant used to produce MJ and Hashish, Depressants, include Tranquilizers, Hallucinogens which include PCP and LSD, Steroids, Inhalants and Stimulants which include Cocaine and Methamphetamine.

Personal Opinions:

This is a good educational book that teaches and informs you of drugs and what they do.