Personality Type:True Colors Orange

by: Kyle Whitenburg

Overview of My Color

My color is orange and it means that I am active and someone who doesn't like to sit still for long periods of time or I would just go crazy because I always need to be doing something I play football and that would make even more sense that I am a orange because football is one of the most active sports there is and I worked really hard to be on the team, not even a broken wrist stopped me from going to practice and doing the drills it only held me back because of the doctors note but after I got it off it was back to full contact even though I already was and the doctor got mad at me but that just goes for proof that I am an orange personality type and I can see why after taking that test. Another reason I can understand why I am a orange is because whenever I am mad I usually take it out on somebody else or very rarely get physically even though I have not been that angry in a long time. Whenever I am in a relationship I love when we share a lot of the same hobbies or interest like watching football every Sunday night and even though it would not make a big difference it would be very nice if they liked the same football team as me which is the Seattle Seahawks.

When I am at school P.E is always my favorite class just because it is the only thing in school that is fun and that we can just let loose and actually work to get a good grade well at least that is the way that I see it I can't really speak for anyone else. And I usually need fun and action in my life get my blood flowing and life even though it isn't in my mind it is just a big long game that can be fun at times and just desperate at others and I can be serious at times it sort of depends on the problem. And finally I usually like to have a great time with life and most of the time I get very competitive like I have to prove a lot even something as simple as catching a football, well I guess that is the life of and orange personality type.

About the Orange Group

People who are an orange personality type is very fun to be around but they do get very competitive especially when it comes to sports and if you get in a relationship with one you are probably gonna be in for a wild ride unless your a orange type also then everything might be fine depends how often you both want to prove who is better at certain things.