Every School Partnership

An initiative of the ACTS Group

October Update

It's that time again! A night where community, church and non profit leaders will meet to talk about serving schools and communities in practical, life giving ways. I'm talking about the quarterly Serve United Activation Nights! We have had two great meetings so far resulting in connections and idea sharing that is being implemented in different ways in our region. Our next Activation Night will be on Thursday, October 20th at 6:30pm at New Life Community Church in Fair Oaks. The cause theme of the night will be Family and we will be hearing from church and nonprofit experts about how churches can serve families in the places we are at. We will also be sharing an update on the Every School Partnership initiative, including new resources to equip your church to better serve your local school. This is a great place to be encouraged and connect with others who are doing similar work in their community.

Please come, bring a friend, or forward this newsletter on to someone you think would benefit from coming to the event!

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You can RSVP to the Serve United Activation Night by clicking HERE!
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Q Commons Sacramento: This Thursday!

how can Christians bring hope and leadership to their communities in such a critical moment for America?" The ACTS Group would like to invite you to join this timely discussion at our next Q Commons Sacramento on October 13th from 7pm-9pm at Beatnik studios. The theme of the night is "Engaging Our Divided Nation" and topics include Leadership, Civil Public Discourse and Answers to Race. You can read about our incredible lineup of speakers and register for Q Commons Sacramento here.
Sweatshirt Program: BeUndivided

Community Resource: Sweatshirt Program

It's officially Fall and sweatshirt weather! But some kids that attend our local schools don't have enough warm clothing to feel comfortable during the fall and winter months. Churches are meeting the needs of kids without warm clothing with a very simple idea: A Sweatshirt Program! Watch the video above to see how it works. For every school sweatshirt bought by a church member, two are donated to the school. A Sweatshirt Program promotes unity within the student body and provides a wardrobe staple for kids so they can stay warm and fit in even if their families have limited clothing budgets. And, on the church side, it promotes "buy-in" of the church–school partnership and encourages members to serve.

You can engage with a local clothing company of your choice, or choose Righteous Clothing, a company that offers a "buy one, get two free" deal to every church in the United States that is serving a public school. Check out their designs and selection here. Find out more information including a step by step guide to implement a sweatshirt program here

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Stories of Service: Your Story!

Storytelling sparks passion and action in the lives of individuals, churches and communities as people see the transformation possible through simple acts of service. What is your church doing right now to serve your local school? We want to hear about it! When you share your service ideas with others, people are encouraged to do the same. If you have a Story of Service you would like to share with the Every School Partnership Community, please reply to this newsletter or email megan@serveunited.us with a few sentences on what you are currently doing to serve your school as well as a few pictures if you can. Let's continue to encourage each other in the service we do!