Are you sick of wading through trash and human feces? Don't Be!!!!!

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Enjoy a care-free life thanks to enhanced technology!


Our Utopia, Cassaterraspacesuperiorenataco-Land is a marvel of science and engineering. To combat the poor quality of life on earth, our engineers have developed the perfect, most Earth-Like way to live in space. The station contains three large cylinders. These cylinders are spun to create the gravity of the planet Earth. The cylinders not only protect the inhabitants from radiation and the vacuum of space, but also from outsiders. The cylinders are connected by rings and pylons, which are covered in defensive measures to ensure that any space junk, shuttle, or asteroid does not come near the station. Once entry is granted, you will live a carefree life, where meals are served everyday directly to your work or home. You can even bring along any of your immediate family members if you are selected, along with any personal belongings you want to have with you. Life in Cassaterraspacesuperiorenataco-Land is perfect.

Reason for existence

Due to the growing population and the drastic increase of global warming and greenhouse gasses, the earth is becoming increasingly uninhabitable and is getting dangerous to live on. Wars are even being fought over what little resources are left, and many of the surviving people have had to resort to violence to survive. For this reason, scientists and engineers have designed a huge space station that acts as its own little planet as an escape for a select group of highly skilled and useful citizens to remain unharmed and figure out the next move for humanity.

American dreams and novels

The American dream revolves around freedom and opportunity. Our Utopia, Cassaterraspacesuperiorenataco-Land, gives everyone the opportunity to do whatever they want. Once selected for a position, you will spend your working-days on board the station doing just that, what more could you ask for. Beyond that, you will have any freedoms you can take advantage of, much like the United States. In the Scarlet Letter, the main character Hester has to deal with unfair trial and the wrongdoings of society, where in our society, no such problems will happen thanks to advanced technology and surveillance. While surveillance may seem a little overbearing, its only purpose is to prevent crime, no other purpose since we do allow freedom of thought and speech.

Comparison to Fahrenheit 451

While in our society, we give opportunity to the best and give them any freedoms they desire, in F451, the society takes away knowledge of the people by making books illegal. They control what information the people have and in turn control them. Even though we may have a few restrictions on who can enter our utopia, we do not limit the knowledge of our citizens, and in fact those who are very intelligent basically run the society.


This society is meant to be perfect but there is a limited amount of room due to the fact that it is technically a space station. Also because of the limited space, only a select group of people are allowed in, which are the people who are the best at their professions (and their families). this excludes everybody else which may cause many problems. While on board, you cannot choose to do anything other than the task you were selected for. Advanced surveillance could cause potential problems with people’s preferred amount of privacy while it is absolutely necessary to prevent crimes.

Community members

Our utopia is the perfect community, for the most skilled and talented people to work together, doing what they do best. In order to ensure the best quality of life possible, people will be selected to work on board the station. On earth you can just head to one of our virtual testing facilities and try your skills at virtually anything. If you perform at an exceptional level, you just might be accepted into Cassaterraspacesuperiorenataco-Land.