Celebrating Christmas!

merry christmas!!!

What the Xuan family does for christmas


Some of the events that happen during christmas at my house are:

  • setting up my christmas tree
  • the christmas party that we have at school yearly
  • and some other decorations

Type of holiday

The type of holiday that christmas is, is a religious holiday.


For decorations, we put up a:

  • christmas tree
  • lights hung up somewhere that people outside can see
  • lights hung up over an arch inside just in front of the front door
  • we hang up lights on the stair railing
  • on the tree, we put colorful lights and ornaments

do you recieve anything?

yes, presents from santa under the christmas tree on the evening of December 24 every year.


December 25

Season: winter


Colors: red, white, green

People: Santa

decorations: christmas decorations

plants: christmas tree, the Poinsettia